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Why Riding a Motorcycle at Low Speed can be Just as Dangerous

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Why Riding a Motorcycle at Low Speed can be Just as Dangerous

Some motorcycle riders believe there is no need to wear a helmet if they are driving at low speeds; however, this is a major misconception that results in serious injuries that can take weeks or even months to realize a full recovery. Some traumatic brain injury patients never fully recover.

Motorcycle accidents can happen at any speed; and motorcyclists have no control over how fast another driver is going if they hit a motorcyclist. Severe injuries can happen at low or high speeds. Many factors contribute to the degree of injuries sustained such as:

  • the road conditions
  • the other driver’s speed
  • the angle of the collision
  • the surroundings at the scene of the accident
  • just how a motorcycle rider falls

More than seventy-five percent of all motorcycle accidents happen within close proximity to the origination of the motorcycle trip at lower speeds. Riding a motorcycle at low speeds is just as dangerous as riding at higher speeds because the motorcyclist still has little control over any other factors that may cause an accident. Motorcycle riders should use every safety precaution available to prevent catastrophic injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Advocates in VA

Kamerow Law wants to protect our clients’ rights and interests. If you have suffered a severe injury from a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of another person or entity, you need to enlist the advocacy of our expert VA attorneys. Call today for a free consultation.

What to Do After a Collision in Alexandria

A collision shakes not only your car, but also shakes your entire life if you sustain severe injuries. Financial problems should not compound your burdens after a car accident caused by another person’s negligence. The Alexandria car accident lawyers at Kamerow Law Firm have the extensive resources, experience and knowledge to help you understand exactly what to do after a collision.

At the Scene of the Collision

  • As soon as you assess your own injuries, call for emergency and police help. If you are unable to call due to your condition, ask someone to call for you.
  • If you are able, determine if anyone else involved in the accident is injured.
  • Take pictures of the collision, the conditions, and any other pertinent surroundings. Again, if you are unable to take the photos yourself, ask another person to take photos for you.
  • If there are witnesses who were not involved in the collision, ask for contact information.
  • Request a copy of the police report.

Following the Car Accident

After you receive the proper medical care, follow these steps to help your personal injury claim:

  • Contact Kamerow Law in Alexandria to begin your car accident claim.
  • Keep a folder with all medical bills, doctor’s reports, police reports, records of lost wages, etc.
  • Never agree to sign a settlement offered by an insurance representative prior to a consultation with a reputable lawyer. You will most likely agree to accept far too little and will negate any possibility of obtaining further damages you are owed.

Car Accident Representation

Kamerow Law Firm in Alexandria has the car accident expertise you will want to handle your case. Our firm is passionate about helping our clients receive the monies they need to regain control over their lives. Call today for a free consultation.

Medical Errors are Fifth-Leading Cause of Death

Research has shown that preventable medical errors are the fifth-leading cause of death in the United States; some reports indicate that medical errors might rank as high as the third-leading cause of death. Medical malpractice claims give people who have suffered injury, illness or lost a loved one due to a medical error a source of recourse to pay for all physical, mental and emotional damages related to the error.

The Institute of Medicine has stated that medical errors claim more lives than breast cancer, traffic accidents and AIDs, combined. Healthcare professionals are human; however, a system of checks-and-balances must be utilized in medical facilities to prevent such tragedies throughout our country.

Types of Medical Errors

Preventable falls, surgical mistakes, ER mishaps, miscommunications and failed communications result in injuries, illnesses and deaths. Patients and their loved ones must realize the need to question anything that seems alarming or wrong, and not feel intimidated by thinking their doctor knows best. Negligence has no place in our healthcare facilities. Doctors, nurses, surgeons and pharmacists can make mistakes that could cost you your life.

Representation for Medical Malpractice

Many medical malpractice claims are lost in the courtroom due to the misconception that doctors have an unfair burden upon them. The attorneys at Kamerow Law recognize the challenge of proving that negligent behavior caused your loss, and we will advocate for you and your family to recover monetary damages that can help you move forward with your life. Medical professionals do not need to be immune to being held accountable for their preventable medical mistakes. In fact, the opposite is true; medical professionals must be held liable to reduce the number of errors that are now the fifth-leading cause of death in our country.