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Steps for Settling Your Personal Injury Claim

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Steps for Settling Your Personal Injury Claim

While there is no one specific step-by-step plan for settling your personal injury claim, there are a few things you can do to help your chances of a successful claim. The personal injury attorneys at Kamerow Law Firm have the expertise you will want to represent you in your claim. A major personal injury may not only change your life, but can also change the lives of your loved ones. Do not allow financial devastation to compound your damages.

Contact our firm and follow these steps to help settle your claim:

  1. Seek medical care at an emergency center or urgent care center. This initial step of seeking medical help will be imperative to proving you suffered an injury from the negligence of another person or entity.
  2. Ensure your personal injury is documented properly by your healthcare provider. Include all symptoms when you describe your injury to the physician.
  3. If your injury is severe, you may need to ask your doctor for a work release to allow you to miss work.
  4. At the time of the accident, you need to take photos if possible. Take pictures of the accident scene, property damage, your injuries and any contributing factor of the accident. If you are unable to take photos, ask someone to take them for you.
  5. Maintain a file with all documentation of the accident and your injuries.
  6. Follow your doctor’s orders for medications and physical therapy.
  7. Enlist the representation of a qualified personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Attorney at Kamerow Law Firm

If you have suffered an injury from a car accident or other negligent act, you may feel overwhelmed and you may not know what steps to take to settle your claim. Contact the personal injury attorneys at Kamerow Law Firm to ensure you receive all the damages you are owed and protect your rights. We will keep you informed of all pertinent steps for settling your personal injury claim. Schedule your free consultation today.

Damaging Results from Hand-Held Phone Distractions

It is staggering to realize how many car accidents occur daily due to hand-held phone distractions. The damaging results can change lives forever. Driver distraction due to phone usage has become the number-one cause of car accidents in the United States. The attorneys at Kamerow Law want to help you if you have suffered an injury from a distracted driver.

Most Common Hand-Held Phone Distractions for Drivers

There are many things vying for a driver’s attention; however, there are not many as damaging as a cell phone. The most common hand-held phone distractions while driving include:

  • Dialing phone numbers
  • Talking on the phone
  • Creating and sending text messages
  • Reading a text message
  • Checking email
  • Playing a game on the hand-held phone

While it may seem like it only takes a few seconds to accomplish any task on a cell phone, the reality is attention is deterred from the road and car accidents often have damaging results.

Damaging Statistics from Hand-Held Phone Distractions

Many studies have concluded that hand-held phone usage causes a much greater distraction than most drivers want to admit. The act of dialing a phone number increased the risk of a car accident by almost three percent, while sending a text message increased the risk by almost 25 percent. Unfortunately, the generation of “texters” is just getting to the driving age. If major actions are not taken to reduce the number of drivers who engage in this dangerous behavior, the number of accidents caused by texting and driving could increase drastically.

Attorney Representation for Your Car Accident

If you have suffered serious injuries from a car accident, you need to enlist the help of a car accident attorney at Kamerow Law Firm. We will ensure you receive the damages you are owed, and we will hold the distracted driver accountable for their negligent behavior.

Have You Been Putting Off Estate Planning For Too Long?

In the month of April, we are faced with one of the inevitable things in life – taxes. However, many people continue to deny the reality of another inevitable event in their lives – death. Have you been putting off estate planning too long? Kamerow Law Firm recognizes it is not an easy task to decide what will happen to your assets after you die, but it is one of the most important things you can accomplish. Not only will an effective estate plan give you peace-of-mind, but it will also remove many obstacles and hurdles for your loved ones after you pass.

Ten Reasons to Stop Putting Off Your Estate Planning

  1. The government will not be the entity that decides how your estate will be divided.
  2. The right estate plan will save your family in unnecessary taxes and legal fees.
  3. Your spouse may not receive property you intend for him or her to get if you do not have a will or an estate plan.
  4. You can avoid some taxes while you are still living if you do not put off your estate planning.
  5. You can ensure your children will be raised by the guardian of your choice if both parents pass.
  6. The right estate plan will include a durable power of attorney which ensures someone will have the authority to pay your bills and sign legal documents if you are incapacitated.
  7. A medical directive will give your loved ones guidance for your medical needs and desires if your condition mandate life support.
  8. An estate planning attorney can guide you in the best way to donate to your favorite charity to reduce estate taxes, yet still provide your family’s needs.
  9. With the proper mandates, your estate plan will protect your assets after your death and prevent family members from wasting what you worked hard to provide.
  10. Your family will not have to argue over what you desire if you should pass away unexpectedly.

Kamerow Law Firm; Estate Planning Guidance

The estate planning attorneys at Kamerow Law Firm know estate planning is not something you look forward to completing. However, you need to stop putting it off and allow our lawyers to give you the necessary guidance to ensure you have all areas covered for your family’s future needs. Contact our firm today to begin your essential estate plan.