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The lab mixed up my results and told me I wasn’t pregnant, I kept drinking and smoking and now my baby is at high risk for serious issues

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The lab mixed up my results and told me I wasn’t pregnant, I kept drinking and smoking and now my baby is at high risk for serious issues

When a laboratory is sent a urine or blood test to determine if a woman is pregnant, they conduct tests to determine the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the woman’s body. HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy. The levels of HCG rise as soon as a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus, normally about six days after fertilization and continue to rise rapidly as every two or three days the levels can double. The lab results returned are best if the test is performed ten days after a woman misses her period. However, there have been cases in which the lab has either tested the wrong woman’s blood or urine or where specimens have been confused and the wrong results were given to the wrong woman, showing that she was not pregnant when she actually was. Because the woman believes she is not pregnant, she could continue engaging in practices that are unsafe for the unborn child.

Accuracy of Pregnancy Tests

There are two types of blood tests used to determine pregnancy. The quantitative blood test measures the amount of HCG in the blood, while a qualitative blood test gives a simple yes or no answer as to whether a woman is pregnant. For this reasons, it is believed that the quantitative blood tests are more accurate than qualitative blood tests. Despite the accuracy of the test, false negative results do occur for a number of reasons. However, when a woman is told that her pregnancy test is negative due to a mistake in the lab, the ramifications are much different than if the woman visited the doctor too soon or if there is a medical reason for a false negative result. When a false negative test is the result of an error by the laboratory that tested the blood, legal ramifications may exist for that laboratory. Just like doctors, laboratories must follow a standard of care when it comes to handling urine or blood samples. If the lab made a mistake that allowed the samples of two women to be confused, or if testing was not done properly, leading to the injury of a fetus because a woman was unaware she was pregnant, liability may exist.

Protecting the Fetus

One of the main problems of a false negative pregnancy test is that the woman, who believes she is not pregnant, could continue to engage in activities that could not only be harmful to the fetus, but, in some cases, fatal. Doctors may prescribe medications that could lead to serious birth defects or the woman could undergo radiation which is not recommended for pregnant women. An error by a laboratory reporting a lack of pregnancy can be extremely dangerous to the fetus.

Lab Responsibility

There are several areas where a laboratory could make an error leading to a false negative pregnancy test. There could be a mix-up or loss of a specimen or an error in the performance of the test. When a pregnancy test returns as a false negative and it can be proven that there was an error on the part of the laboratory, a liability claim may be in order.

If you or a loved one were told that you were not pregnant and you believe that the laboratory made a mistake which has now caused harm to your unborn child, you may be eligible for a liability case against the laboratory. Call 703-370-8088 or Contact us today to learn what rights you and your unborn child may have.


The doctors forgot to have me sign a waiver and the anesthesiologist paralyzed me while giving me an epidural

Health care procedures can be scary enough and some are more dangerous than others. When medical staff make errors or devices malfunction, then treatments can turn it into a nightmare. Did the doctor forget to have you sign a waiver and did the anesthesiologist paralyze you during your epidural? Contact an experienced medical practice attorney to get the help you need.

Very Sensitive Epidural Procedure

For those experiencing lower back or leg pain, the epidural procedure may have been planned to offer relief. During the very complicated epidural procedure, the patient will lay flat on his or her stomach as an epidural steroid injection is made into the lower back. A small pillow may be used to create a slight curvature in the spine for better placement.

It is very important for the steroids to reach the proper area. Likewise, the medical staff must avoid damaging any nerves. Experts advise that live x-ray (fluoroscopy) be used to assist the doctor throughout the entire procedure. Medical studies have shown that 30% of epidural steroid injections without fluroscopy have been faulty.

Many Important Nerves in Lower Back

The lower back and spine contain many important nerves that enable an individual to function properly. The lumbar plexus connects nerves to the abdomen and thigh. the sacral plexus connects nerves to the skin and muscles of the leg and foot.

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls digestive, urinary, endocrine and reproductive systems from your lower back. The enteric nervous system (ENS) has more than 100 million neurons controlling your gastrointestinal tract. The longest nerve in your body – the sciatic nerve – also passes through this region.

Medical Malpractice for Numbness

Medical staff must satisfy the professional scope of standard care for all medical procedures. Numbness or lost functionality in your lower region could be a result of doctor error or medical devices malfunctioning. If your doctors forgot to have you sign a waiver, you may be able to sue for medical malpractice.

“No case is too large or too small.”

While you might feel some pain now, other problems could arise as you get older. Get the financial compensation you deserve by contacting the Kamerow Law Firm PLLC. You can also call 703-370-8088. Get the financial compensation you so richly deserve after an epidural injection went horribly wrong.


My estranged brother is trying to contest our late mother’s will

When you are handling your late parent’s estate, you must make sure that you have legal protection if you find someone is contesting the will. People who are not satisfied with the contents of the will will often contest the document. However, they will be hard-pressed to contest the document assuming there is no supporting evidence. You still need to have an attorney on your side who knows how to handle these cases. The attorney will be able to help you throughout the process of the case, and they can gather evidence that will help you get past this ordeal.

Other Wills

If there are other wills that have been signed by your parents, you need to bring them to your attorney immediately. Your attorney can determine which will was signed most recently, and your attorney can determined when and where they were signed. These extra documents cannot be used against you if your attorney finds that the will being contested is the most current document.

Debunking False Evidence

Many people will present false wills or documents that were signed under duress when they are contesting the administration of an estate. However, you can ask your attorney to debunk any evidence that is brought forth. People are often tempted to force the elderly to sign documents, or they simply forge the documents to make them look authentic. Your attorney can debunk all this evidence, prove that it is fake and even charges brought against the person who faked the documents.

Contesting In Court

When you are taken to court over these documents, you want to make sure that your attorney is arguing the case for you. They have courtroom experience, and they will be able to present the case to a judge in a way that is compelling. You should not try to do this on your own simply because probate law is so incredibly complicated. If you are trying to contest this on your own, you will likely lose to a smarter attorney on the other side of the aisle.

If you have estranged relatives who are contesting a will, do not despair. You can ask for help from an attorney who can handle the case from start to finish. Call 703-370-8088 or contact us online today to seek legal aid.