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My child was injured when the school bus crashed

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My child was injured when the school bus crashed

My child was injured when the school bus crashed

A child riding on a school bus is a daily rite during the school year and something that laws take into consideration. That’s why when a school bus stops, all other vehicles in the immediate vicinity do as well.

A Massive Wave

The fact that there are approximately 480,000 school buses transporting roughly 25 million children means that safety on a school bus is an absolute necessity that needs to be taken into consideration when a school district is hiring its drivers.

Despite the care that’s undertaken in these circumstances, children’s safety when riding a school bus remains an issue that can result in injury and/or death. In many parts of the country, bad weather during the winter months heightens the potential for an accident to take place.

The fact that school buses are supposedly designed to be safer than the standard passenger vehicle doesn’t prevent many accidents from taking place, which leads to deaths of not only other drivers and pedestrians, but also school children on the bus.

Stark Numbers

In the span of a decade (2003-2012), there were 1,222 deaths that were classified as school-transportation related. 174 of them were school-age children, with 55 of them in the school vehicle.

To Seat Belt or Not

School buses should be equipped with child safety restraint systems (CRS), which effectively can be boiled down to seat belts. Doing so can help limit the potential for injury or even death.

With school buses that have been involved in a moderate or severe accident, it’s recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the CRS be replaced. That makes sure that any future accidents that take place with that school bus will have current safety features.

The concept of compartmentalization is part of the reason that seat belts are not part of every school bus. The NHTSA believes that because the size of school buses helps distribute crash force, so through compartmentalization, closer seating whose backs can absorb more impact protects the students.

Decisions to Make

Whether or not seat belts are used likely doesn’t matter for many people—until an accident takes place. By that point, the concern may be too late, considering the cargo that’s being carried onboard. Coordinating all safety aspects here is the first step along this road. If your child has been injured in a bus accident, do not hesitate to call 703-370-8088 or contact us online today .

Most Unusual Wrongful Death Cases

Most Unusual Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death is civil action that is taken when death is caused by something other than a criminal action. There are many different types of wrongful death lawsuits that may surprise you. Here are some of the strangest cases of wrongful death.

Water Overdose

A well-known wrongful death case occurred after a 28 year old woman died during a 2007 contest hosted by Nintendo. The winner of the contest would receive a free Wii but they had to drink the most water without having to urinate. The woman ended up placing in second in the contest after drinking water constantly for three hours straight. She died upon arriving back home as her blood was diluted and brain was 8% heavier than it should have been. The judge ruled that her death was caused by the contest with no fault on her.

Emotional Distress

The unnecessary infliction of emotional distress leading to suicide has been the reason families have sued others in a wrongful death case. A famous example of this exact situation occurred in 2006 when a family received $200,000 for the wrongful death of their loved one caused by talk show host Nancy Grace. Grace blamed the young woman on air for the disappearance of her son and just days later she committed suicide. The family argued that this incident was the reason for her death and the judge agreed.

Caffeine Overdose

Surprisingly, overdosing on caffeine has caused the death of many individuals whose families have sought wrongful death compensation against energy drink companies. For instance, in 2012, a healthy 33 year old man collapsed and died during a basketball game after drinking a Red Bull. He drank them regularly and the family argued that the excessive amount of caffeine in their product made Red Bull responsible for his death. This man’s family won the wrongful death case and many similar cases have occurred in recent years.

Dangerous Design

Manufacturers that create products with potential safety concerns are often the center of wrongful death cases. One of the most well-known instances of this circumstance is when Ford manufactured the Pinto in the 1970s with an unsafe gas tank that led to fires and collisions. Many wrongful death lawsuits took place before the company finally stopped making the Pinto. Most families of those killed while driving or riding in the Ford Pinto received around $200,000 in damages.


A Bike Tire Flew Off and Caused My Accident

A Bike Tire Flew Off and Caused My Accident

You are driving along the highway, when a bike tire flies off from somewhere, causing you to swerve into another vehicle or object. Not only can this scenario cause major injury, but permanent damages and death. The person responsible should be held accountable for bodily injuries or property damages. To ensure that justice is served, a personal injury attorney should be consulted. Based on their experience and knowledge of similar cases, they can best determine how to pursue your case. Here are certain things of which you should be aware:

After the Accident

People at fault may be quick to make assumptions. So it would be in your best interest to not involve yourself in disputes or make apologies. Divulging information like insurance coverage could also work against you. The best decision is to contact a personal injury attorney right away. Along with giving sound legal advice, they can assist with filing a lawsuit against the person in the wrong.

Why A Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys are well-versed in the laws pertaining to their jurisdiction. This qualifies them to know what’s applicable and what’s not in each category. They can better determine whether it was due to negligence or misconduct. Much time and stress can be eliminated from the process because they will aggressively pursue each case on an individual basis. Since each one is different, they can help victims to get what they deserve, based on the severity of the accident. Not only will they investigate the matter and fight for you in court, but they can get you the money needed to cover medical expenses and punitive damages.

Seeking Fair Compensation

Attorneys’ chief goal is to seek fair compensation on behalf of their clients. These matters can become complicated and difficult to settle because the burden of proof is on the plaintiff. Qualified and experienced personal injury representation is needed to adequately argue your case. If an insurance company is involved, the attorney knows how to go after them and ensure a fair assessment and payout for all damages.

A tire from a bike may seem trivial, but if it flies off and initiated your accident, the damage could be extensive. Damages involving injuries to your person, passengers or vehicle can create unnecessary and unplanned expenses. By having proper legal representation by an attorney who is trained to prove your case, you will be better protected. Contact the Kamerow Law Firm PLLC today online or by calling  703-370-8088. We can get you the help you need.