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The Basics of Personal Injury in Alexandria, Virginia

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The state of Virginia, and the every state in the U.S., has multiple mishaps that occur daily resulting in hundreds, if not thousands, of personal injuries. People’s lives are changed in an instant when they or someone dear to them suffers a severe personal injury. If the injury was due to the negligence of another person or entity, you have legal rights to recover damages caused by the injury.

Personal injury claim basics include:

  • An individual known as the plaintiff files a civil, or non-criminal, complaint against another person or entity known as the defendant to allege that the defendant acted in a negligent manner that caused the injury to the plaintiff. The plaintiff must also show that some type of loss was incurred due to the injury, whether it is financial, emotional, psychological or physical, or a combination of any of these that could warrant a financial award due to the damages.
  • Typically, a settlement is reached prior to an actual trial taking place. A settlement can be reached when both sides agree to a monetary amount that will cover all damages. Settlements are often reached through negotiation, mediation or arbitration that is aided with attorneys from both sides of the suit.
  • If the case does go to trial, a judge or sometimes a jury will make a ruling on the claim. If the defendant is found guilty, another ruling can be made that may reduce the percent of liability the defendant is assessed.

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