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Bicyclists Have a Right to the Road

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Bicyclists face a major safety threat from automobiles. According to a report filed by Greater Greater Washington, more than 100 bicyclists have been killed in car accidents in our region over the last two decades. Many thousands more have suffered serious injuries. Often, these accidents take place simply because motorists do not know how to share the road with bikes. Bicyclists have a legal right to the road. If you were injured in a bike accident anywhere in the Washington metro area, please contact our Alexandria bicycle accident attorneys today for immediate legal assistance.

Bicyclist Rights: Correcting Three Common Misconceptions

Myth #1: “That bike should get out of my way.”

The Reality: Cyclists have the right to control an entire lane.

Too many drivers in our region fail to understand the fact that cyclists have a right to control an entire lane. When a bike is on the road, the rider can, and should, ride in the center of their own lane.

Myth #2: “What is that bike doing in the left lane? It should not be there.”

The Reality: Bicyclists should use the left lane when appropriate.

Bike riders are obligated to follow most standard traffic regulations. Of course, this means that when a bicyclist needs to make a left turn, he or she should be in the far left lane. Unfortunately, drivers sometimes get frustrated and confused when they see a bike in the left lane. This is because drivers simply do not know the rules of the road. Cyclists have every right to the left lane when turning left.

Myth #3: “My car can squeeze by this bike.”

The Reality: The unsafe passing of a bicyclist is unlawful and dangerous.

Unsafe passing leads to many serious bike accident injuries each year. Trying to squeeze your vehicle past a bicyclist is known as ‘buzzing’. At least 30 jurisdictions in the United States have laws that protect bikes against ‘buzzing’. Both Virginia and the District of Columbia are included on this list. Under these laws, you are required to give cyclists at least three feet of clearance when you pass them. If there is not enough room to give a three-foot clearance, you simply must wait to make a pass. Please be patient when passing bicycles. You do not want to put someone else’s safety at risk.

Our Bike Accidents Lawyers Can Help

If you were injured in a bicycle accident, you need aggressive legal protection. At Kamerow Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys have helped many injured pedestrians and bike accident victims recover full and fair compensation for their damages. To learn more about what we can do in your case, please contact our office today to request your free case evaluation. We serve victims in Alexandria and throughout the region, including in Washington, D.C. and Maryland.