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What Constitutes “Pain And Suffering” In A Car Accident In VA?

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When you read of a car accident in Virginia that involves personal injury, the victim, depending upon the extent of injury may have suffered loss of property such as a car, loss of wages because of injuries that keep him or her out of work, and – last but not always least – pain and suffering. Exactly what constitutes pain and suffering in a car accident?

Types of Pain and Suffering

Physical pain and suffering takes into account not only what the victim has suffered as a direct result of the accident, but, in addition, what the victim may suffer in the future because of injuries caused by another. Mental pain and suffering are any negative emotions a victim may feel, such as fear or anger, after the accident and how long those emotions may last or how much they may affect the victim’s life.

Examples of Pain and Suffering

As an example of mild pain and suffering after a car accident, a young man injures his back. The injury is not serious or permanent, but it does keep hum out of the national swimming tournament, for which he had long been practicing. That makes him angry and depressed.

A more severe example is a serious car accident that causes many broken bones and keeps a woman from her nursing job for months. She ends up needing the help of a therapist and psychologist, all as a direct result of the accident.

There is no “chart board” that lists pain and suffering examples by number. Each case is different because people and circumstances are different. Each case may rest with the experience and expertise of a personal injury lawyer. If you have been the victim in a car accident, contact a Virginia personal lawyer to discuss what may qualify as legitimate claims for compensation because of the pain and suffering you have endured as a result.

Our legal representation for you will be based on every aspect of your individual needs resulting from a car accident. You focus on recovery; we will focus on handling your claim to your total satisfaction. Call Kamerow Law Firm today; we can help.