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How to Cope with the Stages of Grief after a Wrongful Death

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After losing someone we love, whether it is through divorce, the break-up of a friendship, or the death of a loved one or friend, we naturally grieve their loss on many different levels, and it is imperative we allow ourselves to accept we are going to be emotionally affected by the loss.  Giving ourselves permission to experience the stages of grief will assist us in our ability to heal and move forward with living our lives.  Moving ahead with our lives does not mean the person we lost no longer has a place in our hearts or minds. It simply does mean we are no longer living in the past, but are looking forward to the future.  Attempting to ignore or suppress our grief only prolongs our ability to move forward even when it feels as if the emotional pain will never go away.

Anger through a Wrongful Death

When we understand the stages of grief and how to cope with it, it is easier to have hope that while we will always miss the person we lost, we will someday feel joy in living once again. If your loved one has passed away due to a wrongful death, it is important not to allow anger to consume your thoughts and become a harmful distraction.

Established Stages of Grief

After a study on how terminally ill patients were able to cope with their grief surrounding their illness and their impending deaths, a well-known psychiatrist by the name of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross published a report in 1969 introducing what she referred to as “The Five Stages of Grief” that included:

  • Denial – patients could not accept that the illness was happening to them
  • Anger – patients questioned why it was happening to them, and wondered who was to blame
  • Bargaining – patients started making various promises to improve themselves in some way if only the illness would go away
  • Depression – patients were incapacitated due to their emotional distress
  • Acceptance – patients came to terms with their illness and felt peace

Wrongful Death Compensation

The wrongful death of a loved one is emotionally debilitating. You need a compassionate, ethical, and highly respected wrongful death attorney at Kamerow Law to ensure you and your loved ones receive fair and just compensation for your loss. Contact us today.