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Doctor’s Sent Me Away Claiming I Wasn’t Dilated Enough, So I Had To Deliver My Baby At Home

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This young couple was undoubtedly feeling a number of emotions at the first sight of their newborn baby boy. Baby Cameron was finally here, but happiness was not the strongest emotion at his birth. When mom and dad first laid eyes on their baby they were likely terrified. Not just that the umbilical cord was dangerously around the babies neck, that happens to babies from time to time in the birth process. No, the more alarming concern was that Cameron’s mom had to give birth to him in her bathroom floor without the help of a professional Doula. Camerons’s dad had to deliver the baby without the assistance of medical professionals of any kind.

How on earth did something like this happen? After mom had strong contractions, the couple went to the hospital like the majority of people would do, only to be abruptly sent home. The couple trusted the counsel of the doctors and nurses whose care they were to be under. Miraculously baby Cameron survived any imminent dangers, but this story (as blogged about on could have ended very differently.

Medical Misdiagnosis

The challenges that every baby faces at birth are numerous, even in ideal surroundings. In fact every year, the CDC reports that about 6 of every 1000 babies suffer from birth injuries in the United States. Again that’s even with the help of medical professionals during delivery. When a mother is sent home because of a medical misdiagnosis, not only is her precious infant exponentially more vulnerable to birth injuries or fatality, the mother is herself unsafe.

If you or someone you love has experienced these dangers, whether or not injury occurred, you may have a case for medical malpractice. We believe the medical professionals who operate within the presumption of a certain standard of care in the United States should be held accountable for negligence, medical errors, misdiagnosis, or malpractice

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