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What Documents Do You Need After Someone Dies

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When a loved one dies, it is often difficult to focus on the necessary details to finalize the loved one’s wishes. The estate planning attorneys at Kamerow Law Firm in Alexandria can assist you during this stressful time and ensure you have the proper documents to carry out the needed tasks.

The following is a list of documents you will need to gather. Unless it is noted, a copy of the document will be acceptable.

Documents for Assets Information

  • Account statements – checking, savings, brokerage and retirement statements from the previous three months
  • Life insurance policies – the original document may need to be provided
  • Statements of beneficiary designation – include life insurance, retirement accounts and payable upon death accounts
  • Real estate deeds
  • Titles to autos, boats and other vehicles – the original document must be presented
  • Stocks and bond certificates – if the stocks or bonds were held as a certificate, you will need to present the original document

Documents for Business Information

If a business was owned by the decease, the following documents will be needed:

  • Corporate, LLC or partnership documentation
  • Business account statements – bank statements, brokerage and retirement account documents from the past three months
  • Contracts for leases and loans
  • Employment contracts
  • Company autos and vehicles titles
  • Business licenses
  • Income tax returns from the past three years

Personal Documents for Contracts, Loans and Bills

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Personal loan statements
  • Lines of credit and promissory note documentation
  • Mortgage statements
  • Lease documents
  • Credit card statements
  • Tax documents from the past three years – federal and state tax returns

Documents from the Estate Plan

If the deceased had an estate plan, then you will need to provide:

  • Last will and testament – the original must be provided for this documentation
  • Revocable living trust

In addition to the above listed documents, you will need to provide multiple copies of the death certificate for your loved one.

Estate Planning Guidance in Alexandria

Contact the Kamerow Law Firm in Alexandria to guide you through the stressful period after someone dies. Our estate planning attorneys have tremendous knowledge in this complex area, and we will ensure you complete all the necessary steps.