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Estate Planning Help from a Valued Attorney

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Estate planning can be a daunting task, and one that many people delay doing far too long, simply because most of us do not want to even consider our mortality until we are forced to do so.  However, once our clients have forged ahead and organized their lives, without fail, they tell us how much peace of mind they have been given by resolving these nagging issues.  Documenting how they wish to have their assets divided and to whom they are to be disbursed, how they wish to live or die when or if they no longer have the mental or physical capacity to decide, how they want their funeral arrangements carried out, and to whom they will entrust the charge of caring out their desires provides them with a new-found sense of security.

The following list includes some common, helpful questions when it comes to estate planning:

  • To whom should I give the right to make decisions for me if or when I am no longer mentally or physically capable of doing so?
  • What do assets consist of?
  • How do I go about the process of having my assets evaluated?
  • What is a Trust and how does a Trust affect my lifestyle before I die?
  • Is it recommended that I place more valuable assets, such as real estate, large sums of money, or expensive jewelry in a Trust?
  • Do I need to designate guardians for my minor children should I die while they are still dependent upon me?
  • Is it necessary to appoint someone to have “Power of Attorney,” now, or can that wait until or if it becomes necessary?
  • Should I document how I want my funeral or final arrangements to be carried out?

Kamerow Law has a team of highly respected estate planning attorneys available to discuss and explain the laws surrounding estate planning including, Wills, Living Wills, Trusts, etc.  Contact Kamerow Law today for an estate planning consultation.