Hot Weather Makes Drivers more Susceptible to road rage| Alexandria, VA
Hot Weather Makes Drivers More Susceptible to Road Rage. Do Not Fall into the Road Rage Trap

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As you know, hot weather in the summer is uncomfortable. During these warmer months, man of us head to the pool, the beach, or retreat inside our air conditioned homes. Summer heat is associated with many safety risks, like heat exhaustion, power outages, and even car accidents.

During the summer, drivers are more likely to experience road rage. This can be attributed to the uncomfortable summer heat as well as the increased number of drivers on the road, many of whom are not local and thus not familiar with local roadways and traffic patterns. Aggressive driving puts the aggressor and all others on the roadway at risk of being involved in a collision, which can have serious or even deadly consequences.


Examples of Road Rage

Road rage can take many forms, such as:

  • Shouting at other drivers;
  • Tailgating;
  • Swerving aggressively through traffic;
  • Making rude gestures at others; and
  • Beeping aggressively.

The best way to handle an aggressive driver is to choose not to engage with him or her. Do not cut the other driver or or prevent him or her from changing lanes or making a turn in an effort to “teach a lesson” – the other driver will learn nothing, the aggression will escalate, and you will still be at risk of being involved in an accident.


You Cannot Control Other Drivers, But you Can Control Yourself

Although you cannot keep others from expressing road rage, you can keep yourself from behaving in an aggressive manner. Leave early for your destination so the stress of being late does not drive you to act irrationally. Other ways to reduce your stress levels and thus your likelihood of aggressive behaviors include:

  • Using your air conditioning to keep yourself physically cool and comfortable;
  • Keeping your blood pressure low with breathing techniques and calming music;
  • Keeping yourself hydrated;
  • Staying aware of your surrounding and choosing not to use your phone while driving; and
  • Being a courteous driver. This includes giving other vehicles ample following space, allowing others to make exits and lane changes, and being forgiving of others’ errors.


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