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How do I prove a family member threatened my mother to change her will?

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How do I prove a family member threatened my mother to change her will?

It is an exceptionally sad and painful thing to experience, but the financial abuse of the elderly continues to take place every year. Some of this abuse involves coercing elderly friends or family members to hand over their hard-earned money, but it also includes forcing them to change their will. When this takes place, family members must take immediate action. If this situation sounds familiar, then you should understand some of the steps that must be taken to create a case against the offending party and how Kamerow Law Firm can help you protect you and your parents.

What Is Financial Abuse?

Using “undue influence” to get an elderly individual to change their will is illegal in almost every state. Unfortunately, it is not exactly easy to prove guilt, and everyone should immediately contact our legal team to begin exploring their options. Financial abuse of the elderly is essentially any situation in which an individual pressures a friend or family member to make unfair financial choices such as adding their name to a bank account or changing their will. This can take place through a variety of harmful tactics such as speaking with them after they no longer have their full mental faculties or under duress. The guilty party will often wait until medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s have developed or when the elderly person is under the influence of medication.

Where to Start

The first thing that must be done depends on your relationship with the victim. If you have power of attorney, then you must immediately take control of all financial accounts and documents. This may even mean removing money from your parent’s account and setting them up with a stipend until things can be figured out. Those that do not have power of attorney should immediately have their parent evaluated by a psychologist or other specialist. These individuals will help you determine if your parent has the ability to make clear and healthy choices.

If the person abusing your parent has power of attorney, you will need to immediately contact our legal team and begin developing a case. These types of cases will often require an incredible amount of time and energy as we perform an exhaustive search on the will, changes made to the will, your parent’s mental stability, the defendant’s record, and countless other variables that will affect how this whole process plays out.

If you have suspicions that a family member was threatened to change their will, please call 703-370-8088 or contact us online today. We can help you prove your case.