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I Was Denied The Inheritance My Father Left Me In His Will

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When a loved one dies and leaves a will, it is the hope of everyone involved that there will be few if any disputes among them. However, in most situations that is not the case. Many times, disputes arise regarding the persons named in a will and the inheritance they are entitled to based on the deceased person’s final wishes. While some people dispute being left out of a will altogether, others find their problems begin when they are denied an inheritance that has been clearly spelled out in the will.

Challenging the Will

If a person is denied an inheritance, they have several options to consider. Many times fraud or coercion may be seen as a basis for the denial, thus allowing for legal challenges not only to the will’s validity, but also to persons deemed to have used fraud or coercion in order to deny an inheritance. For example, some parties denying the inheritance may attempt to prove the deceased was not of sound mind at the time he wrote the will, making any of his stated wishes invalid. In other situations, the person being denied the inheritance may claim others are using inappropriate influence to keep them from what is rightfully theirs. Whatever the case may be, legal counsel is usually needed in order to bring resolution to these disputes.

A Second Will

In some cases, those people denying an inheritance will claim the will that was executed was not the most recent one, and may produce another will in which they claim the person being denied the inheritance in fact has no legal claim to any assets of the deceased. Needless to say, these situations are rare in most cases, but do happen occasionally and can sometimes lead to legal battles in probate court that can last for many years.

Legal Options

Depending upon the amount of money or other assets involved in the inheritance, some people choose not to pursue legal action to keep their inheritance. However, most people do the opposite and file a lawsuit to get what they feel is rightfully theirs. Because inheritance laws in each state vary, those pursuing these lawsuits often need the services of an attorney who is familiar with probate laws in their state. While the death of a loved one is always stressful, disputes such as these only make hard times that much harder for everyone involved.  If you or a loved one have questions regarding this matter, contact us today at 703-370-8088.