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Unfortunately, birth injuries still happen far too frequently in the United States. According to a study conducted by the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP), approximately 160,000 preventable injuries occur to infants and mothers during childbirth each year. Some of these injuries can be quite serious, even having life-altering ramifications. Birth injury victims deserve justice. If you or your infant suffered an injury during birth, please contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney today to learn more about your legal options.

Five Common Malpractice-Related Birth Injuries

While birth injuries take many different forms, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found that the following five complications are the most common:

  • Fractures: Fractures generally occur when a medical professional is too rough with a newborn infant. The most common type of fractures are to the shoulder and the collarbone. Fortunately, most fractures heal without long-term problems.
  • Brachial Palsy injuries: This type of injury also generally occurs as a result of a doctor being too rough with an infant during the delivery. A brachial palsy injury happens when damage is done to the nerves that control the arms. Nerve damage during birth is always serious and can have long-term consequences.
  • Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is an abnormality that affects the development of a person’s hip. This type of injury is often not caused by the birth itself. However, medical professionals have a professional duty to catch this abnormality as soon as possible in a young infant. By taking quick action, medical professionals can help to alleviate the pain and adverse effects that come with this condition. If a doctor fails to identify and correct hip dysplasia in a timely manner, they can often be held liable for medical malpractice.
  • Brain injuries: During the birth, most infants will experience very short periods of oxygen deprivation. However, if these periods extend for too long, serious brain damage can occur as a result.
  • Facial paralysis: When too much pressure is applied to an infant’s face during the birth, facial nerves can sustain major damage. This nerve damage can have long-lasting impacts and can even result in partial paralysis of the face.

What Type of Compensation is Available for Victims?

Birth injury victims and their families are legally entitled to compensation that accounts for the full extent of their losses. Our attorneys can help you seek recovery for any direct financial losses, your non-economic losses, and long-term damages. More specifically, we can help you recover:

  • All medical costs;
  • Any expenses associated with rehabilitation;
  • Long-term disability;
  • Lost of future income;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Disfigurement; and
  • Loss of life enjoyment.

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Birth injury medical malpractice claims are notoriously complex. At Kamerow Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys have the experience necessary to help protect your legal rights and financial interests. If you or your infant was a victim, please call our Alexandria office today at (703) 370-8088 to set up a free review of your claim. We serve victims throughout Northern Virginia, including in Arlington, Sterling, and Fairfax.