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My Husband Fell From Unsecure Scaffolding and Died

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According to OSHA, more than 65 percent of construction workers spend part of their day on scaffolding. While most job sites emphasize safety and security, others do not. As a result, hundreds of workers die each year as a result of falling from unsecured scaffolding. In many cases, families are suddenly left without not only husbands and fathers, but breadwinners as well. Before they know it, families are faced with mounting medical bills, mortgage payments, and more as they attempt to put their lives back together. If your husband fell from unsecured scaffolding and died, you have many legal options from which to choose.

Scaffolding Regulations

All employers who use scaffolding in the course of a normal workday are required to comply with OSHA regulations. However, even when doing so accidents can happen and deaths can occur from falls. Before the start of each workday, all scaffolding should be inspected by a supervisor to look for any visible defects that could prove dangerous. In many situations where deaths occurred from falls, the scaffolding was not only unsecured, but also not erected by qualified persons. On construction sites as well as other places, scaffolding may be moved to several different locations on the job site each day, putting workers at risk from unsecured scaffolding.

Fall Protection Equipment

In many cases where unsecured scaffolding was found to be the reason for injuries or death, employers failed to provide adequate fall protection equipment such as harnesses, body belts, drop lines, or trolley lines to workers. Many times, the equipment was found to be damaged or worn out, yet kept in service rather than removed and replaced with new equipment.

Scaffolding Injury Issues

When death occurs from unsecured scaffolding, many issues come to the forefront. Liability, safety regulations, engineering, and more are all focused on by attorneys working the case. Many attorneys are knowledgeable in dealing with wrongful death cases involving scaffolding issues, and for those who lose a loved one to these situations, speaking with an attorney is often the first step in deciding when and if to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Scaffolding injuries and deaths can often be easily prevented, requiring only the time and knowledge of people to ensure all equipment is safe and sound for those using it that day. If you have lost a loved one due to unsecured scaffolding, contact us discuss your legal options as soon as possible at 703-370-8088.