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My Husband was Killed in a Mining Accident and I Can’t Support my Family

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My Husband was Killed in a Mining Accident and I Can't Support my Family

A mining accident is a terrible tragedy that no one should go through. Losing someone in a mining accident is a terrible thing, but you may have legal recourse with the mining company. Filing a wrongful death suit against the mining company is only effective if your attorney can prove negligence on the part of the mining company.

#1: The Accident Files

Your lawyer must go over the files for the accident to determine what happened. There is a federal agency that regulates mines, and the company will have its own report on the accident. Reviewing these files will help show how the accident happened, if it could have been prevented and who should have been in the mine at the time.

#2: Was The Mining Company At Fault?

The mining company must be proved at fault if you are to win a wrongful death suit. Any form of negligence is grounds for you to be paid compensation, but the negligence must be uncovered after the accident. Your lawyer may find that your husband should not have been in the mine at the time of the accident, or your lawyer may find safety violations that led to the accident.

#3: Settling Out of Court

A mining company that is caught in the middle of a negligence scandal will negotiate with you out of court. Your attorney can argue on your behalf, and they will take all settlement offers to you for approval. You may take the money the mining company is offering to close the case, or you may take the mining company to court to win a larger damage claim.

The mining company will be on the hook for a good bit of money if you win, but you will be responsible for court costs if you lose. You are taking a risk going to court, but there are times when you must go to court to get what you believe you are entitled to.

You may sue for wrongful death after a mining accident kills your spouse, but you must take the proper steps. An attorney must review your case for feasibility, and you must strike a deal with the mining company if you do not wish to go to court.

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