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My Wife Had a Deadly Mall Slip and Fall. What Do I Do?

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My Wife Had a Deadly Mall Slip and Fall. What Do I Do?

Slip and fall incidents happen more than 540,000 times per year, according to statistics presented by HSP Supply, Inc. They include a swarm of incidents that involve wet spots, slippery foods and tiny miscellaneous items. A slip and fall incident that includes neglect may be eligible for compensation with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. The funds can assist the victim with medical bills, therapy, medication, household bills and more.

What Is Slip and Fall Negligence?

The term negligence refers to an avoidable injury. An avoidable or negligent injury occurs because one party ignores the rights of another party for one reason or another. The classic example of slip and fall negligence is the “wet floor” story where a customer falls because an employee failed to display the sign. Property liability laws can cause a judge to rule guilty a property owner or business owner. The person can be responsible for the victim’s injury if that person fails to:

  • Notify consumers of a hazard
  • Tend to a dangerous situation immediately
  • Train employees the appropriate safety rules

What Happens When a Slip and Fall Victim Dies?

A slip and fall death falls into the wrongful death category. Spouses and children are eligible to seek and collect compensation for the family member that they lost. Those funds can help with funeral expenses, household bills and more. The establishment owner may have to pay punitive damages if the judge feels the neglect is severe.

What if a Victim Dies Some Time After the Injury?

A medical expert and attorney will have to go over the tests and X-rays to see if the death is related to the slip and fall injury. For example, an expert would need to review a brain hemorrhage death that happens the night of a mall incident. Visiting a doctor right after a slip and fall occurrence is crucial to clarifying case specifics.

Use a Reliable Attorney With Stats

Kamerow Law Firm has more than 2.5 decades of experience with slip and fall cases as well as other personal injuries. The attorneys at the firm want to help slip and fall victims pursue the funds that are rightfully theirs. The lawyers dedicate themselves to winning and commit themselves to compassion. They emphasize with every victim or family member that walks through the door.

If you or your loved one has suffered a painful slip and fall, don’t sit on the floor in despair. Contact a law office that can lift you up and help put your life back together. Contact Kamerow Law Firm, PLLC  or call 703-370-8088 today to discuss your legal rights.