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Planning A Will: Important Things to Consider

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Pros And Cons Of Will Planning

There are several important things to consider when planning a will as part of your Virginia Estate Planning. The lawyers at Kamerow Law can offer valuable insight into the pros and cons to help you decide if a will is the best tool for you to have in your estate plan.

The pros of a will include the following:

  • Wills are easily written.
  • Wills take a limited amount of your time.
  • Wills are legally binding when written by any competent adult.
  • Wills should provide clear instructions designating an Executor to distribute your personal assets and property.
  • Wills should include benefactors of savings, stocks, bonds, pensions, and insurance policies.
  • Wills should always clearly state who is to receive personal assets and property.
  • Wills provide you the right to determine how your assets and property are to be used and by whom.

There are cons to writing a will that include:

  • Wills are required to go through probate court where the executor of the Will requests the court to approve the estate of the deceased to be opened so that an inventory of their assets can be provided to the court for review.
  • The will of the deceased becomes a public record giving those who might oppose it the opportunity to contest it in court.

Virginia Estate Planning

Obtaining the legal advice from your Virginia estate planning attorney at Kamerow Law will provide your benefactors with an additional layer of protection should the will be lacking in any area that could make it easily contested.

Contact Kamerow Law today to set an appointment with one of our highly respected and knowledgeable Virginia estate planning attorneys.