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Why Riding a Motorcycle at Low Speed can be Just as Dangerous

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Some motorcycle riders believe there is no need to wear a helmet if they are driving at low speeds; however, this is a major misconception that results in serious injuries that can take weeks or even months to realize a full recovery. Some traumatic brain injury patients never fully recover.

Motorcycle accidents can happen at any speed; and motorcyclists have no control over how fast another driver is going if they hit a motorcyclist. Severe injuries can happen at low or high speeds. Many factors contribute to the degree of injuries sustained such as:

  • the road conditions
  • the other driver’s speed
  • the angle of the collision
  • the surroundings at the scene of the accident
  • just how a motorcycle rider falls

More than seventy-five percent of all motorcycle accidents happen within close proximity to the origination of the motorcycle trip at lower speeds. Riding a motorcycle at low speeds is just as dangerous as riding at higher speeds because the motorcyclist still has little control over any other factors that may cause an accident. Motorcycle riders should use every safety precaution available to prevent catastrophic injuries.

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