Have You Been Injured from a Motorcycle Accident and Need Help?
Have You Been Seriously Injured from a Motorcycle Accident and Need Legal Help?

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Virginia has breath-taking countryside to take in and enjoy. Motorcyclists often take advantage of the scenery and ride with one of the most uninhibited views available on the road. Unfortunately, the same mode of transportation that allows this luxury also offers little protection if the motorcycle driver is involved in an accident. If you have been seriously injured from a motorcycle accident and you need legal help, you will need to enlist the representation and guidance of the injury attorneys at Kamerow Law Firm.

Critical Steps for the Best Motorcycle Injury Claim

There are a few critical steps you can take after a motorcycle accident that will greatly help your attorney in the development of your case:

  • Call for emergency help. Even if you don’t believe your injuries are life-threatening, you will need a police report and you should always seek medical care for your injuries.
  • If you are able, you should photograph the accident scene. If you are unable due to your injuries, try to ask a witness to take the photos for you. If neither option is available, have another person return to the scene and take pictures of the area.
  • As soon as you are capable of writing, record the facts of the accident as you remember them.
  • Obtain the contact information for witnesses.
  • Maintain all records from your medical care and expenses.

Motorcycle Injury Attorney

The motorcycle injury attorneys at Kamerow Law Firm will work diligently to obtain the settlement you deserve. Protect your rights and contact our firm to schedule your consultation today.