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What To Do If My Siblings Are Contesting My Mother’s Will

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The son of an elderly woman who died with Alzheimer’s Disease has failed in a bid to oppose the appointment of his sisters as deputies for her affairs.

The woman drafted her own will in 1999, and appointed her youngest daughter the executor of her will. That daughter and the woman’s older sister applied to become official deputies of the woman’s property and affairs but that request was denied. The son claims to have been continuously excluded from his mother’s affairs. Allegedly, they ignored his appeals for inclusion in talks of their mother’s affairs, and had barred him from the process of clearing their mother’s property and personal effects from her home, “whilst refusing to advise me of how and where these items (some of sentimental value) have been disposed of.” But the Senior Judge wasn’t convinced by the brother’s arguments and denied his claim of malice and exclusion.

Will Contests

Will contests happen when one or more persons come forward to dispute what is lined out in a deceased person’s last will and testament. This may be which sibling gets the grandfather clock, or it could be upset over how money and other inheritance are doled out. Or, it could be which descendent is named as the executor of the will. The time immediately after a loved one passes is already highly emotional and can be further complicated with ugly disputes between siblings.

Grounds For Contesting A Will

In some cases there are legitimate reasons to contest a will. Some of these may be:

  • The will itself did not get a signature that abided by the applicable state laws.
  • The Testator did not have testamentary capacity to legally sign the will.
  • The Testator was unjustifiably swayed into signing the will.
  • The will was obtained fraudulently.

Alexandria Will Contests Attorney

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