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Slip and Fall - Virginia Law

The trendy little clothing boutique store, with black tiled flooring, is your favorite clothes stop. You go over to the clearance rack to see if you can score some less expensive new threads when all of a sudden you aren’t standing. You are now lying in a wet puddle on the floor and looking up at a ceiling that is dripping water and has some pretty obvious water damage. You try to move, but searing pain shoots down your leg. The worker on duty calls 911 and hysterically apologizes to you while your wait for them to arrive, saying he asked the manager to fix the ceiling many times. At the hospital you are told you have a broken leg. Your work involves a lot of standing and with a broken leg it will affect your ability to make ends meet. Now what?

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What is a slip and fall accident in Virginia?

A slip and fall case, or a trip and fall case, is when a personal injury occurs due to the negligence of a person or the owner of the property by allowing the conditions that contributed to the injury from the fall. In Virginia the claim must be made in civil court within two years from the date of the incident.

What are the typical types of slip and fall cases in Virginia?

Typical cases of slip and fall occur in a public setting such as retail locations, clothing stores, shopping center, grocery stores, and areas that are often busy with high traffic. Side walks, walkways, and parking lots are also common location to slip and fall accidents as weather such as rain, ice, and snow make these places more susceptible to dangerous walking conditions.

Slip and Fall Average Settlements

Settlements vary greatly case by case. However there are some key elements that are considered when deciding on the Settlement.

  • Medical bills from the injury damage (therapy, prescriptions, any future healthcare that may be needed due to the injury as well.)
  • Pain and Suffering. This element is difficult to put a number or value on for the settlement. If you have sustained a long term injury that will affect you the rest of your life, such as paralysis in a hand or brain damage from the injury you are more likely to get a higher amount.
  • Lost Income- The hours you missed from work and the amount of money you would have made from those hours is normally compensated. With paystubs, tax returns, and a signed note from your boss will help with being awarded lost wages in your settlement.
  • Loss of earning capacity- Sometimes an injury can be so grievous that it prevents the ability to make an income at the work you did, or hinders it to the point that your work is not at the same level or to the same capacity to make the income that you were making. They may add extra to the settlement in helping you to learn new skills, or trainings to find another occupation.
  • Other Expenses that occurred due to the injury.

How Does an Personal Injury Attorney Help with Slip and Fall Cases?

An attorney represents you in your slip and fall accident case. An experienced personal injury lawyers helps keep the case on track and provides the important steps that you need to have in order for your case to be successful. The sensitive timeline that you must file in, documentation of medical bills and expenses, lost wages, are all important to your case, these important factors and more will be compiled for supporting your settlement and be able to increase what you are awarded.

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