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Not all traffic crashes are accidents. Some are choreographed events, planned and executed by criminals who attempt to win large sums from insurance companies. These con artists play the role of victim, but they are offenders. While different versions of each arise from time to time, the basic same techniques and collision traps are used to stage collisions that misplace blame on the innocent motorists who fall prey to these fraudsters. Usually, these crooks target expensive cars because owners of such vehicles are much more likely to have insurance policies with high payout limits.

Swerve and Stop

In this scheme, the perpetrator of the fraudulent accident pulls just in front of the target vehicle while in an adjacent lane, then suddenly and quickly change lanes, pulling immediately in front of the target vehicle and abruptly stop before the victim vehicle has time to react. The presumption made on scene by police in response to a rear end collision is almost always that the striking (rear) vehicle is at fault for following too closely and not allowing a safe distance. Sometimes, the offending vehicle will have helper vehicles that pull up on the side of the victim target vehicle to prevent it from swerving to the next lane in order to avoid the collision with the front car.

Baiting hand signals

To execute this con, the swindler has the right of way over the target vehicle, such as in merging lanes, but uses hand signals to induce the target vehicle to “go ahead” and take that right of way. When the target vehicle proceeds, the fraudulent accident creator continues on the right of way, causing a collision with the victim vehicle. Upon making a report with police, the con artist simply denies making any sort of non-verbal communication and blames the target vehicle for wrongfully taking the right of way.

Staged witnesses

This technique simply involves the use of any given collision pattern in conjunction with a few complicit con artists who serve as bystander witnesses to corroborate the testimony of the perpetrator. When police arrive, the scammers create a situation in which the fraudster’s story places fault with the target vehicle and is backed up by three or so witnesses, whose testimony consistently comports not only with one another but also with the perpetrator’s. Police and insurance companies are more likely to believe four people united over a single person.

Dash cameras

Evidence in the form of video footage taken by dash cameras or vehicle cameras facing in other directions can prove to be invaluable in preventing fraudulent accident perpetrators from converting the on-street exploits into money from bogus insurance claims that cause detriment to you. Evidence taken from such cameras is very likely to be admitted as evidence in a courtroom.

Get Legal Assistance

Competent attorneys can remove the thin façade that covers staged vehicle accident and shed light on the criminal elements. Requesting the phone records of corroborating witnesses who posed as strangers with respect to the perpetrator can help establish a criminal conspiracy. Revealing a history of similar claims made by the perpetrators combined with other techniques allow lawyers to unravel the false claims. If you or a loved one has been involved in a vehicle crash you suspect might involve fraud or misplaced blame, contact the Kamerow Law Firm, PLLC at (703) 370-8088 for a free and confidential initial consultation.