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What is the Value of My Personal Injury Case in Alexandria, Virginia?

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There are many unique factors that must be considered in each personal injury case because no two claims are identical. The three primary determinations of the value of your case include:

  1. The facts of your case – you specific case will have to answer two questions: who is at-fault, and what are the total damages? A personal injury claim is only valid if your injury was incurred due to the negligence of another person or entity, and if you suffered an injury because of the negligence. The total damages will be based on easy-to-asses facts such as the monies you have paid for medical bills, and on the not-so-easy-to-assess damages such as pain and suffering or loss of lifestyle.
  2. The evidence in your case – in a personal injury case, you and your attorney will have to prove that another person or entity acted negligently and caused your injury. Police reports, medical reports, expert witnesses and eye-witnesses can provide convincing evidence for your case.
  3. The knowledge and expertise of your personal injury lawyer – the right attorney can help you receive the full amount of benefits you are owed for all damages that you have endured and will endure in the future that are related to your injury. A reputable personal injury lawyer will have expertise in gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, calculating damages, and negotiating with insurance companies.

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