Virginia Guide to Wills
Virginia Guide to Wills

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It may not be something you like to think about but it is never a bad idea to have a will prepared. In the event of your death you want to make sure that your assets are distributed as you would like them to be. You do not want to leave your property and assets in limbo because you did not have a will prepared. It will also take stress off your family members and they will able to make sure your wishes are fulfilled.

Below we provide you with a few guidelines so that you can easily prepare your will.

What can you do with a Virginia will?

Wills can help you protect your family and property and use it to:

  • Leave your property to people or organizations.
  • Name a personal guardian to care for you minor children.
  • Name a trusted person to manage property you leave to minor children.
  • Name an executor or executrix, the person who makes sure that the terms of your will are carried out.

Who can make a will?

Any person of at least 18 years of age may prepare a will.

The only times a person may not make a will is if they are considered of unsound mind or are under 18 years of age.

Do you need a witness or have the will notarized?

In the state of Virginia you need at least two witnesses for the finalization of your will. They must witness you signing your will, and must also sign the will.

In Virginia you do not need to have  wills notarized for it to be considered a legal document. However, if you want a will that is “self-proving” you will need to have it notarized. The advantage of a self-proving will is that is speeds up the probate process.

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