Liability in a multi-vehicle accident on the freeway
Who is liable for injuries sustained in a multi-vehicle accident on the freeway?

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It is often very difficult to determine who was at fault in a multi-vehicle accident or “pile up.” Other drivers and their insurance companies are likely to accuse everyone else of being responsible. There are steps to determining liability or who is at fault for a multi-vehicle accident.

Step 1: The Cause of the Accident

One of the first things to do when investigating who may be liable or responsible for your injuries when you are involved in a multi vehicle accident is determine the CAUSE of the accident. Was it the weather? Was it poor road conditions? Was it a drunk driver? Was it a negligent driver texting or otherwise acting irresponsibly?

Step 2: Who is Liable

Once you know WHY the accident took place, then you can move on to determine WHO if anyone is liable. Having eyewitnesses and expert testimony will help to reconstruct the accident and put the pieces together like a puzzle.

Step 3: Negligence

Liability for injuries in an auto accident is considered a personal injury claim, just as a slip and fall case, the possible negligence of the parties involved will have to be determined. If the CAUSE of the accident was an “Act of God” such as an earthquake causing an overpass to collapse as it did in 1994 on a southern California freeway, and a vehicle screeched to a stop in the middle of the highway causing a pileup, they will probably not be held negligent or liable.

Step 4: Is there more than one responsible party?

Another factor to look into as to liability for injuries may be a manufacturing defect of a safety feature on your vehicle. If you were involved in an accident and your air bag did not deploy properly you may be able to hold not only the party who CAUSED the accident liable but the air bag manufacturer of the air bag and/or vehicle liable as well.

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